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Mesh Banners And Stage Scrims For Outdoor Events

Check out tons of amazing photos of mesh banners at outdoor events, scrims, stage banners and more. Learn quick tips below about buying the right mesh banners for your event.

75,000 Visitors Saw These Mesh Banners: Creation East is a four day music festival with some 75,000 people in attendance. Mesh Banners Inc printed (2) 30’x12′ mesh stage scrims (left and right) and a 7’x10″x62’x5″ stage header banner.

mesh banners

Crash My Playa ft. Luke Bryan: A 4 night concert vacation in Mexico headlined by award winning country artist Luke Bryan. We printed a full stage mesh banner set up with (2) 41’x15′ stage scrims, and a 8’x 61′ stage peak banner.

 mesh banners

Total Coverage! For the Alive Festival, we printed (2) 25’x10′ mesh stage scrims on the far left and far right; a 9’x65′ mesh peak banner at the top of the truss, and a 25’x20′ mesh stage backdrop at the center back.

mesh banners

Headlining Band: Icon for Hire, a popular rock band needed something big to cover their stage. We outfitted their stage with a large mesh backdrop: at 20 feet tall and 25 feet wide, you ain’t missing them.

mesh banners

Billboards! Blowthrough mesh has many applications, including billboards! LSI Industries displays their 14’x40′ mesh billboard banner in prominent view at a stadium.

mesh banners

Budget Stage Scrims: Don’t have the budget for a full blow mesh stage banner package for an outdoor event? Fear not: We can print a beautiful set of mesh stage scrims and work with you on your budget, like we did for the Back Road Music Festivals. These are (2) 25’x7′ mesh scrims.mesh banners construction

Construction banners or mesh building banners: When Gordon School did construction in mid 2013, they turned to Mesh Banners Inc for (29) 6’x20′ mesh construction banners. And yes: our rates for large quantities of mesh banners just get better and better.

mesh banners

Small Stage: We’ve gota  beautiful 8’x10′ mesh stage backdrop to fit smaller stages, indoor or outdoor. (Yep, we’ve got the stand too.)

Extended Mesh Banner Gallery

3 Quick Tips That Will Make Your Mesh Banners Better


1. Your art design for your banners must POP! Use bright colors that contrast well with each other, such as black on white, red on black and such. If you don’t pay careful attention to your design, no matter how big your mesh scrims or festival banners are, you’ll lose your audience’s attention from the banners. Keep the artwork to a minimum — fancy gradients and strokes aren’t necessary when you’re purchasing large format outdoor mesh. The simpler it is, the more likely you’re audience will remember your brand.

2. Talk with your stage manager or production manager FIRST! Then, you can start to shop for mesh banners. We’ve had customers that have purchased mesh banners for a Stageline 250 (SL 250) without knowing the exact size of their stage configuration. There’s nothing worse than showing up at the festival with an empty truss system after buying the wrong size mesh banners. Additionally, the finishings on your banner can vary depending on your particular needs. You can also ask us for help with sizes, we’re well experienced in many different stage specifications.

3. Where and How Will You Hang Your Mesh Banners? Where: if it’s outdoors, we recommend 70/30 vinyl mesh. 95% of our festivals, bands and other customers for mesh choose this material since it allows for 30 percent blowthrough, thus minimizing the sail effect. If you need pole pockets, grommets or other finishings, confirm with your production manager how they’d like to hang the mesh scrims or mesh backdrops.

Need more advice? Just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!