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What Size Stage Banners Do I Need?

What size do I need? That’s the first and biggest area concern when buying stage banners for festivals. We bring you our top 3 tips that will have you on the road to the right size stage banners  in no time.

1. First Stop: Stage Manager

Every stage manager needs to know the exact dimensions of the truss, wing extensions, skirting and the rigging beams. They’ll be able to tell you in a heartbeat what sizes will fit for the stage scrims, peak banner or the stage backdrop. If you haven’t talked to them yet, you must do so before you begin looking for a vendor for printing your stage banners. The size of your stage banners will be the single greatest factor in the cost of your purchase, so make sure to get it right! And of course, the worst thing to do is buy the wrong sizes and have a no-show.

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2. Consider Your Banner Budget

What’s the biggest factor in buying stage banners? Answer: Size! Colors won’t make any difference since mesh, vinyl and fabric banners are all printed digitally. The primary factor is the size the banner, and the amount of stage banners. If you have limited budget, you may opt for just two side scrims or just one backdrop. Alternatively, contact us for a deal that might fit your budget AND get you all the banners you need.

Above all, consider which stage banners serve your show best and market the brand / artist name to your audience most effectively. We’ll often find festivals putting banners in areas that very few visitors come by, while much heavier trafficked areas have only one or two small banners that aren’t noticeable from afar. This part of the stage banner buying process is essential, so make sure to study the grounds and the stages and structures, along with the most trafficked areas.

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3. How Will You Hang Your Banners?

Picture this: You’ve just bought a beautiful set of stage banners. Three of them hang straight off the truss system at the stage in the center of the event grounds. The fourth, however, is supposed to hang at the top of the truss system — but there’s no space to hang it. You’re 3 for 4, but that’s good enough when 3,000 people are about to show up.

Your grounds personnel can tell where the banners will be hung, and how safe it is to hang them from various places. Make sure to check this data before you buy!

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